Dungeons & Dwagons: Giant of the Glocca Morra - NEW!

So, you like comics, right?




And you like indie, autobio comics, too?


Oh, yeah, all the time!


What about popular tabletop role-playing games?


Of course, why?


How about an autobiographical role-playing game
with funny cartoons in it?








A demon has taken over part of a post-apocalyptic New York City, and it's up to YOU to save the townsfolk, and maybe even the demon himself.


Dungeons & Dwagons: Giant of the Glocca Morra is  completely written & illustrated by me, Cheese Hasselberger. This 100% playable role-playing game is based on my misadventures while attending the School of Visual Arts in New York, with some artistic liberties. Like, the jizz-sock monster wasn't really alive.


The story is told with my usual flair for dick and fart jokes, creating a weird and raunchy tale for the ages.


This game module uses the most current system of the most popular table top RPG out today, and can be played with your own characters! It's designed for 4-6 characters at level 5, or thereabouts.


NEW! You now have two ways to get this great module, a hard copy, available right here on this site in the store, or digitally through DriveThruRPG! Go to the store page to get your copy today!

Dungeons & Dwagons!

Giant of the Glocca Morra

32 pages B&W

$15.00 (Plus $1.25 s&h)

For mature audiences.