House of Twelve Ver. 2.0

More pages, more artists, more stupefying idiocy! Watch as our team of researchers take on one of the most important topics of our generation, Science Fiction!


Watch as your favorite Ho12 All-Stars try their hand at a traditional genre comic, the results are, well… unique. Often funny, sometimes perverted, always weird. Check out the gallery below to get a glimpse of the strangeness.


48 pages of Sci-fi goodness(?) by some of New York’s finest comics creators; Danny Hellman, K. Thor Jensen, Miss Lasko-Gross, Neil Kleid, Joe Meyer, Steve Price, Dave McKenna, Evan Forsch, Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Brian Musikoff, Chris Prynoski, Kevin Colden and Cheese.

House of Twelve #2

48 pages B&W

3.75 (Plus $1.25 s&h)

For mature audiences.