House of Twelve #3, Filth

House of Twelve: Filth is a collection of comics for you to get sick over. Here our crack team of perverts, sociopaths and reprobates have come up with 96 pages of pure, unadulterated filth. Come check out our International Coalition of the Wicked as they reveal their own perverted desires behind the thin veil of “humor.” This book guarantees to turn even the most jaded stomach.


Our contributors were carefully screened via a top secret super computer located deep within my trousers. They have presented us with an uncanny look into the tortured soul of the modern underground artist. From David Paleo’s touching tale of two South American Hitler Youth and their mutant ward to K.Thor Jensen’s exploration into Gaelic homosexuals, every story touches a different part of your soul. The Beard’s love story, The Anniversary, will bring a tear to mom’s eye and warmth to pops cold, cold heart. Miss Lasko-Gross’ instructional comic for growing young ladies will completely negate our need to speak about ‘taboo’ subjects to our children ever again! Dave McKenna’s Orgy at My Place will educate Americans of all ages with its investigation into the secret lives of cartoonists; he outed us! Brian Musikoff tells a story that teaches never to trust your local drug dealer, while Cheese tells a similar one about your local ministry. All this and more can be found in the beautifully packaged, economically priced, first amendment draped House of Twelve #3!


Comics By: David Paleo, Nick Jeffrey, Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz, Ryan Snook, Joe Meyer, K. Thor Jensen, Frank Forte, Evan Forsh, Jay Marcy, Brian Musikoff, Kevin Colden, Miss Lasko-Gross, Adriano Eduardo, Dave McKenna, The Beard/Bald Eagles/Victor Cayro and Cheese Hasselberger

House of Twelve #3

96 pages B&W

$9.95 (Plus $1.25 s&h)

For mature audiences.