House of Twelve #6

Back in the early days of mobile comics House of Twelve was fortunate enough to team up with a young upstart on the scene, a little company called Comixology.


The original idea was to do a monthly indie anthology made specifically to take advantage of Comixology's Guided View technology.  Well, we were never actually able to get it monthly, but over the course of a year we produced four excellent issues featuring not only all your favorite Team 12 all stars, but also several special guests like Sam Henderson, Rafer Roberts and Fred Noland.


Presented here in print for the first time you can read all the content from the four available original issues, as well as an Apple censored story by Victor Cayro and a never released fifth issue exclusive to the print edition. Not to mention the Ignatz Award winning story, Ghost! by Darryl Ayo and the original stories that eventually became Miss Lasko-Gross' sci-fi epic, Henni, and even what became my own book, Richard Sharver and the Hollow Earth.


Comics by Dave McKenna, Frank Reynoso, Rafer Roberts, Fred Noland, Sam Henderson, K. Thor Jensen, Kate Lacour, Darryl Ayo, Miss Lasko-Gross, Nick Jeffery, Victor Cayro, Adam McGovern, David Paleo and me, Cheese Hasselberger.

House of Twelve #6

Manga Digest format, 180 pages color

$17.95 (Plus $1.25 s&h)

For mature audiences.