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Dungeons & Dwagons: Giant of the Glocca Morra

written & illustrated by me, Cheese Hasselberger.


This 100% playable role-playing game is based on my misadventures while attending the School of Visual Arts in New York, with some artistic liberties. Like, the jizz-sock monster wasn't really alive.


The story is told with my usual flair for dick and fart jokes, creating a weird and raunchy tale for all ages (18 & up only).


S&H: $1.25

Digital Version: $7.50


House of Twelve Comics

House of Twelve #1

From the creators of Mtv’s Downtown, and Cartoon Network’s Megas XLR and Disney’s Motorcity comes House of Twelve#1. The one that started it all. Bizarre adult comics for bizarre adults. 32 pages of self-referential nonsense, dick jokes and thinly veiled religion bashing all in a lovely, portable package.


S&H: $1.25

House of Twelve #2

Watch as your favorite Ho12 All-Stars try their hand at a traditional genre comic, the results are, well… unique. Often funny, sometimes perverted, always weird.


S&H: $1.25

House of Twelve #3

House of Twelve: Filth is a collection of comics for you to get sick over. Here our crack team of perverts, sociopaths and reprobates have come up with 96 pages of pure, unadulterated filth. Come check out our International Coalition of the Wicked as they reveal their own perverted desires behind the thin veil of “humor.”


S&H: $1.25

House of Twelve Goes to War (#4)

Allow me to let you in on a little known secret; a few years ago Team 12 was drafted by THE GOVERNMENT and forced into working towards it’s war effort. When we returned we decided the truth must be told in the most effective way possible: independently published autobio comics!


S&H: $1.25

House of Twelve's Touching Children's Stories (#5)

The House of Twelve gang returns with House of Twelve #5: Touching Children’s Stories.  An all-ages comic anthology full of heart-warming tales of blissful youth depicted as only a bunch of half-drunk, misanthropic curmudgeons could. All ages, no shit!


S&H: $1.25

House of Twelve #6

Presented here in print for the first time you can read all the content from the four issues of our Comixology series, House of Twelve Monthly, as well as an Apple censored story by Victor Cayro and a never released fifth issue exclusive to the print edition.


S&H: $1.25

House of Twelve Presents

One-Eyed Jill

Six months after the murder of her mother, Jill gets drunk and decides to take her meager inheritance and devote her life to fighting crime. Badly.


S&H: $1.25

The Hollow Earth

Richard Sharver was once just a simple-minded iron worker in Scranton, Pennsylvania, until his mind was entered by a being from another world far beneath the Earth's surface, in THE HOLLOW EARTH!



S&H: $1.25

House of Twelve regalia

Role-playing game X-tras!

A set of six, pre-rolled character sheets, character markers, a 18x24 map, a mini-comic of fantasy monsters and a set of dice. Perfect for playing a role-playing game, perhaps even one featured on this page!

House of Twelve T-Shirts

Goofy T-shirts I made a few years back. Despite being lovely shirts, I have plenty of these left in a variety of sizes.


S&H: $4.00


S&H: $2.00


Cheesy Art Prints

Choose one of five 8x10 art prints by renown cartoonist, me.

Cheesy Art Prints

Choose one of... well, one... super special 11x14 art print by renown cartoonist, me.


S&H: $5.00

Which one?


S&H: $8.00

Fashions by Fromage

I have a new Teepublic storefront with a nice variety of options for you and your family. They also make phone covers, pillows, stickers, and wall tapestries if you need something to chill out too while you clean your bong. Click on the logo below.